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Respect for customers, understanding customers, exceed customer expectations continue to provide products and services, so customers are always partners. This is what we have to uphold and promote the concept of service.

One, every step must be comprehensive, satisfy customer needs.

        ◇ standing up position of the customer research, design and improve service.

        ◇ perfect service system, strengthen the pre-sale, sale, service

        ◇ attaches great importance to customer feedback, allowing customers to participate in decision-making, to handle customer feedback as customer satisfaction is an important part.

        ◇ establish all customer-centric mechanism. Wherein each establishment, service processes of change and so on.

Second, the customer is always right principle.

Third, the customer wants to achieve three satisfactory.

        Product Satisfaction: refers to customer satisfaction with quality of the goods.

        Service satisfaction: allow customers to pre-sales, after-sales service of a positive attitude.

        Corporate image satisfaction: refers to the public on the enterprise's comprehensive strength and the overall impression of the positive evaluation.

Fourth, service 5S concept

        "5S" refers to "smile (SMILE), fast (SPEED), honest (SINCERITY), dexterity (SMART), research (STUDY)" five words in the English acronym. "5S" concept is the most representative of the service culture of innovation, not only has the characteristics of the times full of humanity, but also with considerable maneuverability.

       Smile: refers to a modest smile. Considerate heart for customers, it may issue a real smile. Smile can embody the heart and soul thanks to the tolerance, can be expressed cheerful smile, health and considerate.

       Quickly: means "swift action", a work as soon as possible, do not let customers wait too long; two is to demonstrate the speed, causing customer satisfaction, so they do not think you wait too long to quickly motor performance vitality, not let customers wait

       Sincere: Purchasing Guide dedication to customer service if you feel the sincerity, the customer will be able to be realized. Not hypocritical attitude of sincere work, is an important basic Purchasing Guide attitude and the basic principles of doing things.

       Dexterity: refers to "smart, clean, neat." Neat way to serve a customer, to smart, agile, graceful movements to packaged goods, with a flexible attitude to get clever customer trust.

       Study: should always learn and master the product knowledge.

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