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The communications industry in 2008:3 g inject new vitality to the industry

Date: 2015-08-13
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Domestic communications industry in 2008 after a series of significant changes: the financial crisis, industry restructuring, 3 g investment construction, and the 3 g licensing approaches. These seemingly unrelated events, make the whole industry bear the pain after "change" and new life, new environment will be different enterprises new challenges and opportunities in the industrial chain.

China's communication industry in 2008 was an extraordinary year, not to mention the all sectors will inevitably suffer from global financial crisis brought about by the decline in demand, on May 24, discussion has been a long time of the third industry telecom operators restructuring finally settled. The telecommunications reform goal is to change the dominance of China mobile has always been the pattern, after back together to form a new China mobile, China unicom, China telecom three has a national network resources and relatively comparable strength and scale, with the whole business operation ability and the strong competitive market competition main body, for operators to compete in the new 3 g arena to create a fair atmosphere, also for the downstream of related enterprises investment different formats of 3 g licences has been clear about the camp, blowing the starting whistle.

But industry restructuring can weaken China mobile's absolute advantage, successful support the operators of the weaker, the industry for its final effect is mixed. Some people think that, only expect one or two "surgery" (telecommunications restructuring) can solve the problem of imbalance in the structure of domestic telecom, it won't work. After the restructuring of China mobile still has about 390 million GSM users and profit of 200 million yuan or more every day, new telecom and China unicom short-term extremely difficult to compete with them, it is impossible to form expectations "three-pillar" posture. Even if China mobile operating only TD, nearly 400 million the number of users resources can still make mobile a huge advantage in 3 g era, leading China's communications market. Another view is that, along with the development of telecommunications restructuring new telecom and China unicom will get fixed-line and mobile communication network operating at the same time, in the short term will have a lot of new business choice, China mobile's absolute competitive advantage will be weakened gradually. Despite the viewpoints are not unified, but reflects the operators of seating is constant, no longer strong

At present, the operator to target on the 2 g, 3 g development. In the current financial institutions tend to lend money to a domestic policy support under the situation of the telecom operators, operators to increase investment in the main business, is trying to attract users with better service. According to statistics, China mobile and China unicom in 2008 capital spending for 71.5 billion and 20 billion respectively, 2 g of 24 billion China telecom, China mobile's 3 g capital spending is 30 billion yuan, the operators of 2 g investment in 2009 is expected to roughly flat with 2008, and there will be a big leap, 3 g mobile, unicom and telecom in 55.8 billion, 50 billion and 55.8 billion respectively. 3 g network construction and 2 g network capacity expansion, industry investment will be more than 350 billion yuan.

Telecom operators fight, also spread to the downstream equipment business, value-added service providers, etc. In the face of the risk of decline in external demand, the enterprise development strategy to the domestic industry chain, the operator under the huge investment, the telecom industry is about to enter excitement and boom. A consensus within the industry, behind the launch of 3 g services, operators network assets in increasing, will have a significant positive, on telecom equipment maker, has good prospects for the future development, that is the case.

Outfights them combined with domestic equipment, technical and cost advantages, under the background of global economy, the domestic and foreign operators and will pay more attention to the price, the domestic equipment dealer highlighted the comparative advantage, raw from its portfolio. According to the consultancy EJL wireless latest report "analysis in the second quarter of 2008 the global base station contract", according to the world in the second quarter of 68 single wireless CDMA new 12 in the contract, zte, 10 contracts CDMA (83.3%); Duplicate nortel and huawei. By 08 in the first half of the world has more than 220 commercial networks WCDMA/HSPA, huawei has 111 WCDMA/HSPA contracts. 08 in the first half of the base station contract, zte won 31% of the global total, huawei won 30%, China received 61% of the contract equipment dealer. TD phase I and phase ii bidding in China mobile, zte, datang, huawei, putian, fire science and technology, and many other domestic manufacturers divided up the vast majority of market share. A significant increase in the market share of domestic manufacturers that its market position in the domestic 3 g network compared with 2 g

As telecom restructuring and the birth of three full-service operators, unlimited Internet related downstream industries will face new opportunities. SP (mobile Internet service provider) enterprise wireless value-added business downturn situation will change, new operators will compete for excellent SP and CP (mobile Internet content providers) and other cooperation resources; 3 g will bring more bandwidth, creating more excellent performance came out of the mobile terminal; Mobile phone online game developers can also benefit from 3 g to solve the technical problems, to explore more online applications for mobile phones. All in all, 3 g will bring greater imagination for the telecom industry and downstream industry space, although there are opportunities there will be more fierce competition, but after all, bring the industry of 3 g is the "warm wind" in the "winter", has injected new vitality.

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