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China's participation in the race for international 4 g technology standards

Date: 2015-08-13
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The message from the international telecommunication union says it has received 6 4 g candidate technical proposal. Among China's proposal, this means that in the coming year, this will be an intense competition for the six candidates, tellingly, China will be able to gain more say in the next generation communication technology standard.

The international telecommunication union, said the selected technology is expected in October 2010 was named "IMT - Advanced technology", which as a general standard of 4 g and run the world. It is understood that the six proposals are around the LTE and WIMAX technology, the international telecommunication union will be in the coming year through rigorous assessment, and various complex and demanding work procedures to determine the final winner.

Insider told the Beijing morning post reporter, China's proposal based on the td-scdma LTE, is a from of TD to LTE and 4 g complete evolution scheme. In the field of communication technology, the technical standards is the commanding heights of the competition, means a huge industry chain and the huge market opportunities. In the age of 1 g, 2 g, the standard due to the monopoly by European and American manufacturers, we have to pay the expensive royalty; In the 3 g era, ushered in the transit, our country is put forward in China's systems of TD one of qualifying for the world's three big mainstream standard. Now, the operation of the China mobile TD network has spread throughout the country, in the network users more than 1.65 million units, and also have gained ground in some overseas markets. As 3.9 G technology of td-scdma LTE standard have been settled, next year will start pilot, it is reported that the Shanghai world expo site set up on an experimental network.

Technical experts told reporters that at present there are three main mobile communication technology evolution path: one is the euro of WCDMA and the Asian version of the TD, from HSPA evolution to LTE; 2 it is crowned CDMA2000, finally also to LTE; Three is the path of a WiMAX, 2007 WiMAX had become the country's 3 g standard. So, the industry believes that, in the era of 4 g LTE and WiMAX against, the former has many fans, but as subversives, WiMAX performance is also expected. Obviously, the project belongs to a member of the LTE camp in China, and whether customs clearance still an open question.

Says Ceng Jianqiu, a professor at the Beijing university of posts and telecommunications, 4 g and 3 g standard selection is different, all the camps hope to gain a foothold. In the next year, in the game of Chinese standards still need to more tolerant and open attitude to gain wider support.

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