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In the mobile world expo next year trial commercial 4 g

Date: 2015-08-13
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Yesterday, in 2009 the international LTE on the BBS, China mobile chairman wang jianzhou said that next year during the world expo, China mobile will launch the world's first td-scdma LTE (4 g) trial commercial network, at the same time, qualcomm agree with China mobile, the first td-scdma LTE engineering samples have been released in early November.

Mr Wang said China mobile has been in the Shanghai world expo park has set up a small network of td-scdma LTE experiment during the world expo next year, we will start the first trial commercial operation of the td-scdma LTE networks all over the world, then the whole world can experience the LTE in Shanghai on the speed of huge boost." According to introducing, LTE can support 16 flow transmission at the same time, high bandwidth can also support hd video real-time transmission.

The reporter learns from huawei company, the company recently has received orders for China mobile, the deployment of the world's first TD for 4 g LTE network. The relevant person in charge of huawei, said the deployment of part of the site of the demonstration network has been completed, the end user experience within the range of 5.28 square kilometers to the measured descending rate up to 29 MB/s of high-speed mobile broadband business, the speed is 50 times of 3 g network speed.

Mr Wang said, "all of the 3 g standard has evolved to specifically to LTE, LTE commercial preparation has been completed, the evolution of mobile hope as soon as possible to LTE, but for now still need to speed up the development speed of terminal chip."

It is understood that at present China's dominance of the td-scdma LTE standard at the itu conference has been shortlisted for the 4 g candidate international standards. According to the work plan, the itu will be decided in October 2010, the final 4 g international standards.

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