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ShenZhen TopPoint Technology Co., LTD. 

Shenzhen Toppoint Technology Co., LTD. (abbreviated as Toppoint Technology) is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, design, manufacture, sales & marketing of the wireless terminal antenna, RF cables & adapters. Our products are widely used in many different industries, such as the electric power industry, car industry, security industry, multi-media industry etc.


 Toppoint relies on high-technology and aim to develop national industry as our ultimate goal. In order to create international brand and leading the industry development direction, Toppoint keeps stable operation and sustains rapid development through company establishment. Toppoint's existing products  scope include all kinds of terminal antennas: Base station antenna; Power wireless terminal antennas; Car antenna; Wireless digital TV antenna; Landscaping antenna; 2.4 G, 3 G, 3.5 G and 5.8 G spread spectrum antenna; Indoor coverage antenna, etc. Antenna has been widely used in electric power negative control, with terminal, network table, wireless can changeable, wireless business phone, notebook PC card, car TV, wireless module, as well as other wireless terminals. So far, has been designed and manufactured all kinds of antenna & RF cables for domestic and foreign customers.

  Toppoint Technology has a high quality product R&D team, can develop new products rapidly based on market demand. We also can customize high quality antennas with high gain performance according to customers’ requirements. Toppoint manufacturing center has nearly 1000 square meters of R&D production base, with advanced antenna test equipment and production equipment, many sets of import vector network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, microwave chamber, automatic antenna testing field, and automatic production assembly line.

   To implement the strategy of technology at the same time, pay attention to market demand analysis and the processing of customer feedback information, build up a set of effective marketing mechanism. From October 2007, Shenzhen Toppoint Technology Co., LTD. has set up branch offices in Beijing,Changsha,Nanjing, Hangzhou etc., radiation to more than 30 countries and regions of the world's sales network. Forging vibrant, with professional dedication, and pioneering spirit of the marketing team, Toppoint strive to improve product technology content, ensure the quality of products, improve after-sales service and customer satisfaction. Keep walking the way of brand strategy and dedicated to become the most competitive enterprise in communications industry.

 After years of development and efforts, Toppoint science and technology has gradually built up around to the quality management as the center, in new product development and application for the center of gravity, focusing on the technical training of the modern enterprise management system, establish and perfect the incentive and competition as the starting point of efficient internal operation mechanism and scientific decision execution mechanism, enterprise management gradually to standardization, benign development track. In April 2009 the company passed the 2008 version of ISO9001 quality system certification.Enterprisemanagement has been completed. From raw material procurement to product R&D, design, production, inspection process are strictly implement the ISO9001 quality system standards, to ensure the product quality.

 The vertices in the future will continue to adhere to the technological innovation of science and technology as the guide, to speed up the pace of product research and development, increase investment in science and technology research and development, further strengthen enterprise spirit, make the company become leaders in this industry, occupy higher market share, management norms, with high technical content, rapid growth and to become the world first-class professional communications equipment suppliers.

 Toppoint represents GPRS/CDMA wireless communication module of ZTE in the national markets, and also got the authority of Japan Murata RF line in domestic markets.

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