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About us / 公司简介
ShenZhen TopPoint Technology Co., LTD. Shenzhen Toppoint Technology Co., LTD. (abbreviated as Toppoint Technology) is a high-tech enterprise focusingon the R&D, design, manufacture, sales & marketing of the wirelessterminal antenna, RF cables & adapters. Our products are widely used in many different industries, such as the electric power industry, car industry, security industry, multi-media industry etc. Toppointrelies on high-technology and aim to develop national industry as our ultimate goal. In order to create international brand and leading the industry development direction, Toppoint keeps stable operation and sustains rapid development through company establishment. Toppoint's existing products  scopeinclude all kinds of terminal antennas: Base station antenna; Power wireless terminal antennas; Car antenna; Wireless digital TV antenna; Landscaping antenna; 2.4 G, 3 G, 3.5 G and 5.8 G spread spectrum antenna; Indoor coverage antenna, etc. Antenna...
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